Saturday, October 19th, 2002

I Won This Dog At The Dirtwood Reunion Carnival

Funny, it seems that the amount of work I have now that I’m a full-timer has increased considerably. This is not a complaint, just an observation.

Soundscapes restocked their Velvet Crush selection. Picked up ‘A Single Odessey’ (sic) last night. I just need to find a copy of ‘Free Expression’ for less than $25 and I’ll be happy.

What was supposed to be a recording session last night turned into just a lot of sitting around shooting shit and listening to the Oval-Teen double disc masters. Must say, it sounds a lot better than the album that Brad gave me when we first met. A lot of it was in the production values, but the songs are better on this one as well. I want to start playing again! The recording is fun, but not when its dragged out so long… I wanna plug in and make some noise. Noise noise noise!

Learned that Soundscapes has Boxing Day sales. This makes me happy.

np – Olivia Tremor Control / Singles : Presents And Beyond

By : Frank Yang at 12:47 am
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