Tuesday, October 15th, 2002

Adventures In Stereo

Out of boredom and some pragmatism, I have just spent the past hour rearranging my speakers. I’m not going to get optimum sound from my setup considering the way my room is arranged, but the way it was I could only achieve optimum listening position if I stood in the centre of my room. Not practical.

I’ve stretched out the base of the invisible equilateral triangle between the speakers by almost 200% (in other words, I moved them to the outside edges of the bookshelves instead of the inside – scientific yah!). The ideal listening position in my room is now sitting on my bed, back against the wall – where I usually sit when reading. Better than standing in the middle of the room. My computer, where I spend most of my time, still isn’t in a great listening position but the left speaker is directly behind my head now so at least I’m getting more detail and volume from one of the channels. Better than nothing.

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By : Frank Yang at 11:40 pm
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