Monday, October 14th, 2002

The Big Picture

This Bright Eyes disc is really quite amazing. Sometimes you buy stuff totally unheard and cross your fingers. Sometimes you get lucky.

These long weekends are pretty slothful. What’d I do yesterday… Went to Canadjun Tire and bought various bits and pieces for hanging stuff in the rehearsal space as well as parts for tweaking the setup of my pedalboard though I suspect the screws I bought are too long. Bought a pair of jeans. Played with the new delay and tidied up the big mess of cables that I call my ‘home studio’.

Andy’s making Thanksgiving dinner and apparently we’re going to Meg’s family’s place to eat it. I get to meet his in-laws! I hope Peeka is there, dogs make holidays much more fun. What that means is I won’t be seeing Minority Report tonight. I think I will never actually get to see it.

Watched Birds Of Prey from last week. Haven’t made up my mind on it yet – there’s some good acting and decent writing, but the episode felt like it went through some dumbass filter that added crappy editing, voiceovers and music to try and appeal to the Beastmaster/Immortal/crap sci-fi TV market. This show can be better than that, I think. I hope it figures that out sooner rather than later. But Ashley Scott (The Huntress) is so hot it’s stupid.

Finally completed the hockey pool draft last night online with Jim and Nicole. My team is looking ok – God I hope Lemieux plays at least 60 game – but somehow I ended up with Martin ‘Oh my back’ Straka. Let that be a lesson to you, kids – always do like Santa and if you make a list, check it twice. We will be having trades. Bye bye Marty.

np – Bright Eyes / Lifted, Or, The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground

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