Friday, October 11th, 2002

New Haven Comet

Got the new Luna EP. It’s stuff like this that convinces me that Luna are the best band on the planet. This is a disc of covers and demos and they’re so good it’s just silly. Even their videos (there’s two from Romantica on the CD) are cool. Viva Luna.

Swung by Songbird after work today and played with the new Digitech DigiDelay. Which will soon become part of my rig. It does everything my DD3 does and much more. I figure I can recoup half the cost of the Digitech by selling the Boss. Same thing I thought about the Guyatone fuzz, sure, but I’m pretty sure the Boss delay will sell itself pretty quick. The Digitech is really nice.

Speaking of after work, today was my last day as a contractor. To celebrate, I took off early (only a half hour) because it’s pretty much the last day that I can. And it’s a long weekend and I wasn’t doing anything. It’s been almost two and a half years since I’ve actually had a job. I suppose the past six months are as good a way as any to ease myself back into the routine.

Why my back is starting to hurt again, I have no idea. You’d think that I’d be more relaxed now than before. But…

np – Elf Power / Nothing’s Going To Happen

By : Frank Yang at 10:44 pm
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