Sunday, October 6th, 2002

The Walk

…which is more accurate than ‘The Run For The Cure’. Also acceptable would be ‘saunter’, ‘shuffle’ or any other synonym for moving at a not-brisk pace. Completed the 5K CIBC Run For The Cure this morning, which to my surprise did not involve dashing about the city searching for a hidden Robert Smith whom we would then inflict noogies on. Instead, it was throngs and throngs (in the 1000s, easily) of people marching up University from Nathan Phillips Square, across Bloor and back down to City Hall in the name of raising funds for breast cancer research. Though technically my participation was mandated by HWB, it was fun and for a good cause regardless. Even Jon Voight showed up! Seriously. He was standing at the corner of Bloor and Avenue waving. Strange, but neat.

We completed the walk in about an hour – it would have been quicker if there weren’t so many dang people to navigate around. But there were, so it did. Either way, my legs are achy (though 5K isn’t much more than I might walk in a normal day about town) and I have a blister on the back of my foot from running shoes I haven’t worn in ages and which apparently aren’t broken in yet.

Afternoon was spent watching all (both) of this season’s West Wing. Again. It’s still good the second time around. Also wired up the Lake Holiday website to databases, now I just have to make up administrative pages. I hate doing that. So boring.

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