Saturday, October 5th, 2002

Screaming Lead Balloons

My business cards have finally proven useful. I’ve won an ‘East Coast Kitchen Party’ from the Duke Of Argyle – apparently this consists of a wide variety of appetizers for a bunch of people. Sounds good to me, I am not one to turn down a cocktail weiner – or cocktail cod, as the case may be. Today I am a winner!

Sloooooow day at work. Everyone else chugs away finishing up the BASF DVD presentation, I sit and read my ASP book for lack of anything else to do. But I do get to listen to music so that’s okay.

We have our CIBC Run For The Cure t-shirts now. Larger than expected, I hope the dryer can work its mysterious shrinking mojo on it before Sunday.

np – Yo La Tengo / Ride The Tiger

By : Frank Yang at 12:38 am
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