Friday, October 4th, 2002

Dinosaur Act

The above title comes from a peculiar bit of synchronicity. Whilst in Second Spin this afternoon, I found a copy of Low’s ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’, which I’ve been looking for for a while and which has a track called ‘Dinosaur Act’. At the time, I was listening to Matthew Sweet, who also has a track called ‘Dinosaur Act’. Coincidence? I think not. Mind you, I wasn’t listening to Altered Beast, the Matthew Sweet album with that song on it, but that’s not the point. Something is up. The Illuminati are behind it all, I’m sure.

I am downloading zips of the Dismemberment Plan remix mp3s (follow the link at the top of this page). They’re providing instrumental and vocal tracks for fans to download and remix as they see fit. Pretty cool. If I manage to get anything sounding decent, I will post them here for my loyal fans to inspect.

I intended to go see ‘Minority Report’ this afternoon. It was a Happy Hour matinee at the Bloor, and those start at 4:30. No problem. Hung out in Sonic Boom for about half an hour and then headed next door… On the sign : “Minority Report – 4:00 – NOTE EARLY START TIME”. Sonofabitch. It was simply not meant to be. Maybe I’ll try again tonight.

np – Low / Things We Lost In The Fire

By : Frank Yang at 5:20 pm
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