Thursday, October 3rd, 2002

How Soon Is NOW?

Spent the afternoon having lunch with my friends from my time at NOW magazine. Went to the Red Tea Box, home to some truly funky Asian fusion cuisine in an excellent setting (and a really cute waitress!). It’s nice to have some unconventional food once in a while, exercise some taste buds that may otherwise be getting stagnant. That was the thing about working at NOW – Jen and Nicci have excellent taste in food, not to mention expensive. I ate well but that $10 per diem didn’t quite do the trick. I was intending to treat them to lunch but they’re expensing it back to NOW as a business expense (ha!). Which is just as well, as our tab came to over $150 for four people! Yikes.

On the way into work today, Mark got sick and threw up. On a crowded subway car. I don’t think he made any friends.

Finally I have gotten the two issues of TapeOp I ordered two months ago. Worth the wait, though. The one issue has – get this – Dave Fridmann, the Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Olivia Tremor Control. In one issue. Does it get better than that? I just need those last two issues from Paul and I’ve got an (almost) full set.

np – J Mascis & The Fog / More Light

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