Thursday, October 3rd, 2002

A Dream In Sound

Watching Elf Power at the ‘Shoe tonight, I was struck by a single recurring thought – that could be us. They had the same lineup as us, a similar sound, even a similar stage presence (in other words, not an enormous one). Granted, Brad doesn’t draw songwriting inspiration from a D&D Monster Manual, but the similarities are there. It wasn’t a large crowd (less than 100, I wager) but it was an enthusiastic one. And that’s really all that matters, isn’t it? To be able to connect with people on a real level with music. Food for thought.

The show was a lot of fun – everyone was loose and having a good time. The band was reasonably tight and kept the tempo up and running. The bassist even knew the name of our Prime Minister, so he’s one up on the president. Goodly amount of material from Creatures, some from A Dream In Sound. Not familiar enough with the stuff off Winter Is Coming to say how many came off that, but I think I recognized at least one. They only offered up one of the covers from the new covers disc Nothing’s Going To Happen (of which I picked up a copy – yay).

Guitar lineup – Adrian Finch : Gibson Melody Maker thru an original Rat into a Silvertone amp. Backed up by a current American Telecaster. Andrew played a Tele Custom through a Music Man RP50. Various pedals I didn’t get a good look at, but pretty sure there was a Rat there as well. Laura Carter with a Danelectro through a Rat into a Traynor Guitar Mate. Keyboard was a Korg X3.

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