Wednesday, October 30th, 2002


So my printer is dead. Or more accurately, the ink cartridge is dead. AGAIN. I don’t use the thing much, but when I do, it’d be nice if it’d pep right up, maybe a little salute and an enthusiastic ‘yes sir, what can I do for you today!’. Instead I get mockery – it feeds the paper, moves the cartridge back and forth but it spits out a sheet of paper as clean as when it went it. Sonofabitch. I don’t suppose I really need a printer, I can use the laser at work, but still. It’s the principle. I should have listened to those who said an inkjet was a waste of money. Two years and I’ve already spent as much on cartridges as I did on the damned printer in the first place. I believe I will buy a new cartridge and give the damn thing to Dad, I’m sure he’d get more use out of it than me, anyway. I’ll be thankful to have the desk real estate back, anyway.

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By : Frank Yang at 12:09 am
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