Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

Western Swing

After long last, Tim Sandlin has a new book coming out. It’s called ‘Honey Don’t’ and is due out in May of next year. When it comes out, it’ll close an 8-year span of no new material from Tim Sandlin. Far too long.

I keep trying to finish ‘Closing Time’ but I think I left it too long and I’m now fairly lost as to what’s happening. there’s not too much left so I’ll plug along till I’m done, but like it’s predecessor, ‘Catch 22’, I will have to go back to it to fully appreciate it. Or maybe I won’t – Patrick’s analogy of it being like unto the ‘Godfather 3’ sort of haunts me. It may simply not be worth the effort. I’m going to revisit Paul Auster and Douglas Coupland when I’m done, anyway. Maybe find some Bukowski.

You know those times when you have something you have to do and you really want to do it but you just can’t quite bring yourself to do it? Well it goes without saying that it’s best to just bear down and do it, but if still merits a pat on the back sometimes.

That probably meant nothing to anyone but me and even I’m a little hazy, but that’s okay.

Sigur Ros tomorrow!

np – Superchunk / Incidental Music 1991-95

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