Monday, October 28th, 2002


So this afternoon was spent playing Oompa Loompa, filling 454 48-oz jars with jelly beans. Yes, this was for work. Whee. There’s so much candy in the office that… that I am at a loss for metaphor. Even a bad one.

Band practice was marginally useful, I’ve identified three or four songs I’m going to work out parts for. I’m pushing to establish some sort of schedule of goals or milestones for us to try and achieve over the next few months. Without something to bite our asses we just flounder and lose time. Probably no more shows this year, but we’re gunning for early next year. Which is fine, since we still have no permanent drummer.

Finally got a call from Ross who has decided to come out of hiding. His girlfriend was up visiting around Thanksgiving when I initially tried to get a hold of him, hence the incommunicado. He’s going down to Colombia to visit her next month. They have more dedication to the idea of long-distance relationships than I do.

‘You send me postcards from paradise’ – Paul Westerberg

np – Paul Westerberg / Stereo

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