Saturday, October 26th, 2002

Keep It Like A Secret

Went out for drinks with Carolyn, Vic and Liz last night – my first time meeting Liz, who is very nice and about whom I will only say nice things since her boyfriend reads my blog on occasion (hi Vic!). We went to one of her favorite little bars out in Cabbagetown which she is adamant that none of us can tell anyone about. So not a word from me, nosirree.

Going to see Douglas Coupland at the International Festival Of Authors this afternoon at Harbourfront, should be interesting. He’s being interviewed by Jane Sibbery. It was supposed to be Don McKellar, but some things are not meant to be I suppose.

Then it’s dad’s birthday dinner tonight. I need to get a card.

np – Radiohead / Amnesiac

By : Frank Yang at 9:42 am
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