Monday, October 21st, 2002


Encountered the most bizzare person on the streetcar home from rehearsal tonight. Crazy chatty woman, black fright wig, nutty stockings, from Hamilton (she was telling us everything about herself). Brad and Seventeen got a good laugh when she got off at Dundas Station with myself. Words cannot do justice to the absolute nuttiness of this broad. Just trust me.

We are going to try and record, super quick, a Christmas album. Well, winter-themed anyway. Some covers (I must learn Fairytale Of New York and Hazy Shade Of Winter for Thursday) and each of us is supposed to write a Christmas/Winter song. I am going to go against the grain and write a song celebrating Kwanzaa. As soon as I figure out what Kwanzaa is.

np – The Flaming Lips / The Soft Bulletin

By : Frank Yang at 11:11 pm
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