Monday, October 21st, 2002

Minority Report

Before seeing this movie, everyone warned me that the first two hours were great – the last 20 minutes were, like last Summer’s ‘A.I.’, a big kick in the groin to intelligent audiences.

Well, yeah.

Not as upsetting on as many levels as A.I.’s denoument was, I still walked out of Minority Report shaking my head. If Spielberg weren’t Jewish, I’d probably say something like ‘Christmas presents at the Spielberg house must be wrapped up really tidily!’ cause that seems to be how Stevie likes his films. No loose end is left untied, regardless of how ridiculous or insulting a scenario he has to create to reach that end. It’s like Spielberg finished the film and realized he had all these plot threads left over, but also had dinner reservations, so he finished the film as quickly and with as little thought or care as possible.

But besides that sour taste in the mouth, the first bit of the movie was a terrific chase film, impressive effects and some fine plot twists. Some may complain that the philosophical ramifications of the ‘Pre-Crime’ concept aren’t investigated nearly enough, and I’d agree but come on – it’s Spielberg. Deep introspection is something he does only very rarely, and never in lieu of action and FX.

Anyway. First two hours of Minority Report – 4/5. Last 20 minutes – 1.5/5. What’s the average? I dunno, do the math yourself.

I saw a man on the street wearing a gas mask with a fedora. Does he know something I don’t?

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