Monday, September 2nd, 2002

Emma Blowgun's Last Stand

Is it proper to have new year’s resolutions in September? In honour of the departure of one of the most fucked up Summers I’ve ever had, I am declaring this Fall to be a fresh start. Like being back in school but without the school. I miss the sense of renewal in September – now it’s just work until you die.

Various things that I am doing in honour of the Fresh Start:

– Start cooking properly. There’s all this freaking smoked salmon in the freezer. I like smoked salmon. Yet somehow I’m unable to bridge that chasm between ingredients and meal. Well dammit, I’m taking a running start and jumping.

– Be more dedicated in songwriting. I’ve spent all this freaking money on the equipment, I should damn well use it.

– Get my website up and running. Check! completed this morning. And this blog is just bonus – let’s see just how self-indulgent I can get with spewing whatever’s on my mind.

By : Frank Yang at 12:44 pm
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