Friday, September 6th, 2002

Close Cover Before Striking

Uh-oh… two days in a row without anything earth-shattering to report. Could my madcap adventures be coming to an end? Have my ratings fallen so low that I can’t even be bothered to jump the shark?

Summer hours are a thing of the past and that meant working (in theory) a full day Friday. The horror. I took off around 3:30 anyway – finished up what I intended to and hit Capsule and Songbird. Being around many guitars is truly theraputic. Also looked longingly at drum kits… bad! Bad! Too much disposable income. Bad.

Tried to rent Donnie Darko at Rogers – they had the case but the mooks couldn’t come up with the DVD. So I get a free credit to use at a store that has crap selection. Yippee. Wish there was another video store in the area. I could go to the Blockbuster in the Annex, but that lazy thing rears its ugly head again.

8:30 Friday night. Odds on me doing nothing interesting tonight?

Gonna hit the Film Festival tomorrow with Largie though. Gonna see something called ‘Sweet Sixteen’. British flick of some sort. Looking forward to it, I do so love slumming with the Hollywood types.

By : Frank Yang at 8:27 pm
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