Sunday, September 29th, 2002

Legal Man

Got an unexpected call this evening from Will, now located in the tropical hinterland of Saskatoon attending law school. Will hadn’t actually wanted to be a lawyer, this is the guy who finished his engineering law exam after 15 minutes not because he knew all the answers but because he knew that it was impossible to fail the course without setting fire to the professor’s suit whilst peeing on his shoes. And now he is in law school, hiding from the real world under the cover of academia for another few years. File under : irony.

Watched Robert Altman’s Gosford Park. Enjoyable ensemble period piece filled with fine actors with accents. Keeping up with all the plot threads wasn’t easy but I think I did pretty well. I caught all the main ones, anyway.

Folks on the FDP are chatting up Superdrag. I’m feeling impressionable, I should find some more of their stuff – I only have Regretfully Yours.

np – Elf Power / The Winter Is Coming

By : Frank Yang at 10:51 pm
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