Thursday, September 26th, 2002

Send Off The Summer

Last Lake Holiday gig of the season went last night at the Cameron House, and went quite well. The sound was good, the house was full (mostly of people who came to see the Biters but they didn’t leave after we started our set – quite a coup, in my mind. Unfortunately the house recording is just vocals and keyboard since guitars weren’t miced. A shame, cause apparently we sounded good.

Have to haul all the gear back to the rehearsal space after work today. I may skip out early to beat traffic and because I am just bushed. Still on the fence about the IMGT meetup later tonight… on one hand, it’s getting out of the house (though that’s not been an issue this week). On the other, I have the season premiere of The West Wing from last night on tape. Martin Sheen… John Shin. Hmm. Decisions decisions.

Not sure what’s next for Lake Holiday – some recording for another compilation/EP/whatever would probably be in order. I honestly hope Five Seventeen looks into maybe getting us opening for +/- next month. That’d be a pretty sweet spot and hell – he knows the band.

Long & McQuade’s big basement sale goes this weekend. I will go on Saturday morning (another day I won’t be sleeping in…) to try and score some mic stands or anything else that may be a deal.

I should do some work.

By : Frank Yang at 10:07 am
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