Tuesday, September 24th, 2002

Coming Up For Air

This is what we call a good day.

Got my Chameleons tickets. Soundscapes was selling a bunch of back issues of TapeOp I didn’t have (but now do). Found Elf Power’s ‘The Winter Is Coming’ used. And best of all… my Ride EP came. The final (?) release from my boys is in my hot little hands – 3 tracks culled from their one-off reunion for a television program on Sonic Youth. I have an mp3 of one of the tracks, it sounds like what it is – Ride jamming for ages, but it’s the noisy, psychadelic Ride circa Nowhere/Going Blank Again. In other words, one of the best bands ever. A full-bore reunion is probably too much to ask for what with Andy Bell collecting paycheques from the Brothers Gallagher, but between the Ride boxset, this little limited-edition (1000 only) jewel and that Magnet cover, at least I can feel they’re getting some long-overdue recognition.

Viva Ride.

By : Frank Yang at 6:12 pm
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