Thursday, September 12th, 2002

Zombies Of The Stratosphere

That is the name of this German CDR compilation I just got from Brad that has a Lake Holiday song on it. It’s a demo, mind you, with just him playing. I think I have the track on a demo disc somewhere… it’s Beach Boys-meets-Jesus And Mary Chain sounding. I’d like to add it to the repetoire sooner rather than later. But either way, it’s something else to add to the official discography. Too bad the burn isn’t terrific – it’s skipping on my stereo CD player.

Rehearsal went well tonight, first time with everyone in this latest iteration of Lake Holiday present. Clicked pretty well – we were sounding pretty good. Laura picked up on all the material really quickly, having an actual musical education must help. That rehearsal space is pretty cramped for five people with gear though. Must get a fan or something in there, cause it stinks after a couple hours.

I got every streetcar and subway this evening, took me barely 10 minutes to get down to the space and back. Fantastic.

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By : Frank Yang at 10:12 pm
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