Sunday, September 8th, 2002

The Killing Moon

Since I had no luck renting Donnie Darko, I downloaded it. Must say, very impressed with this div-x thing. Spent last night and this morning downloading a 780 MB file and watched it this afternoon on my computer. Picture quality was really exceptional – there was a little pixelation but I absolutely did not notice. I was able to concentrate on the film from start to finish, nary a hiccup in sound or picture.

The film itself was pretty engrossing. I can’t even properly give a synopsis that doesn’t give away plot points. Sufficed to say, I do understand why everyone who insisted I see this film did so. It’s a pretty solid mind-fuck.

Now the question is what to do with the .avi file. Odds are I won’t watch it again, but it seems a waste to erase it after spending so much time downloading it. Look at me, I’m sentimental over a download. Feh.

Went out and bought the new Elf Power today. Great guitar sounds on this record. Went to PJ’s Pet Centre and watched the puppies (and kittens and ferrets and hamsters) for a while. Therapeutic. I need a puppy.

Have our first full band practice in weeks tomorrow. Not a minute too late either, as our next show is in just over two weeks. 5:17 says The Laura will be coming out as well, so we’ll see how she works out on keyboards. I hope she has an instrument or we’ll have to look into acquiring something suitable for longer-term use. Neither Brad’s ‘funky’ (and that’s being kind) cheap keyboards nor Enrico’s loaner will really do the trick.

np – Death Cab For Cutie – Forbidden Love

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