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Friday, July 10th, 2009

This Day

WTF, V? Lineup speculation and goodies from Bowerbirds, Wrens, The Clientele and more

Photo By Nick HeldermanNick HeldermanI’d honestly thought I’d have been able to build a post around the Torontontario V Fest announcement this week. All signs pointed to them finally coming clean about the when, where – already a poorly kept secret, sure – but more importantly the who. And yet here we are at Friday with no official word, just seven weeks out from when it’s all supposed to go down (August 29 and 30 at Burl’s Creek near Orillia, Ontario) and so instead of reporting facts, I will delve into the rumour mill for goodies. Though when it comes straight from the artist’s mouth, it probably counts as somewhat more than rumour. I refer, of course, to the fact that Nine Inch Nails has decided that Bonnaroo would not mark their final live North American appearance, as originally intended, and instead will do a few more dates including a headlining slot at the Ontario edition of V Fest. And in addition to NIN, a few other acts came to light this week though nothing major: Thunderheist, Trouble Andrew (does his presence imply Santigold? I can’t imagine anyone would want him on his own), and though not confirmed, I don’t think it’s any big secret what the August 30 “TBA” for Toronto on the Pet Shop Boys’ Fall itinerary means.

So yeah. Another week, another non-announcement. On the plus side, it’s evident that they’re trying to put together something really good and the last Canadian V of the Summer will have a bona fide, big-time headline act – I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Trent but there’s no arguing his stature – but on the downside, even a leak this size hasn’t been enough to prod them into announcing anything, which to my paranoid sensibilities doesn’t necessarily bode well for the rest of the bill. But it’ll come, and until then, I’m going to engage in more rampant and unfounded lineup speculation while clearing out a big old pile of links and stuff.

Paste talks to Bowerbirds about their second album Upper Air was released this week. Daytrotter and They Shoot Music have also released sessions with the band – audio and video respectively – who are on the road to support. They’re not doing anything August 29 or 30, but do have a date at Sneaky Dee’s next week on July 14 so it’s unlikely they’re playing V Fest.

Magnet’s “Wrens Watch” feature has coaxed another new song demo MP3 from Wrens, who continue to work on their follow-up to Meadowlands. It’s conceivable that they could make the trek up here for V – the calendar is clear – but probably haven’t been invited.

Pitchfork has the first taste of Bonfires On The Heath, the new album from The Clientele, out October 6. They played V Fest back in 2007 and while I’d love to see them again, they’re already making a short North American trek this month and probably won’t be back till the Fall.

MP3: The Clientele – “I Wonder Who We Are”

Editors’ Tom Smith keeps up the sci-fi soundtrack talking points in discussing their new record In This Light And On This Evening, out September 21, with NME. The band also played V in 2007 and would certainly be welcomed back, but are probably going to stick to Europe for the Fall before coming to North America to promote.

The Line Of Best Fit talks to Yo La Tengo – their new record Popular Songs is out September 8. They’ve got a November European tour scheduled – they could do North America before that, but probably no dates before the record is released.

Ca Va Cool has an interview with Telekinesis’ Michael Benjamin Lerner. Their calendar is clear for late August but they’re far too small to be added to a festival bill when they’re not already touring through the region.

Wheat are offering a new MP3 from their forthcoming album White Ink Black Ink, due out July 21. Odds of playing V? Less than Telekinesis.

MP3: Wheat – “Changes Is”

The Bird & The Bee have a new video from Ray Guns Are Not Just For The Future. They have nothing on the schedule, and I’d personally love to see them again in any setting. But they are probably not playing V.

Video: The Bird & The Bee – “My Love”

Jenny Lewis has released yet another new video from Acid Tongue. Why ask why? She’s finishing some US tour dates and is in Japan in early August. Maybe she can come to Toronto in late August.

Video: Jenny Lewis – “See Fernando”

NPR interviews Steve Earle. He’s at Massey Hall on Saturday, which really precludes his playing V in August. Not that he probably would anyways.

PitchforkTV is streaming the Townes Van Zandt documentary Be Here To Love Me for the next week. I saw this film at TIFF 2004 and it’s a lovely work. It’d be quite a coup if V got Townes to play, but I’m not holding my breath.

Video: Be Here To Love Me

The Denver Post interviews Son Volt’s Jay Farrar. They’re touring from July through early August, then picking up again second week of September. Don’t see them interrupting the downtime to trek up here to play in front of, well, people who probably aren’t fans. The NIN and Son Volt fanbase Venn diagrams don’t overlap much.

American Songwriter has excerpted a portion of their cover feature on Wilco, The Boston Globe has an interview with Jeff Tweedy and The Boston Herald talks to Nels Cline about his role in the band. They’re in Dublin on August 28. Probably not in Toronto on August 29 or 30.

NPR is streaming Sonic Youth’s recent show in Washington DC. They’re playing the Vancouver V Fest but having just played Toronto last week, I don’t expect a return engagement so soon.

Spinner gets Metric to recount their run-in with Spinal Tap at Stonehenge after Glastonbury this year. Metric are seemingly playing every other V in the country, I give them very good odds for being at the Toronto edition. Spinal Tap just did the “unwigged” thing at Massey Hall, but doing V – in character, of course – would be kinda great. Their new record is Back From The Dead.

Malajube have a new video from their Polaris-nominated album Labyrinthes. Their schedule is clear, they could be at V.

Video: Malajube – “Luna”

The Scotsman talks to Dean & Britta. I don’t think their 13 Most Beautiful… Warhol soundtrack show would work too well on a big outdoor stage.

Mew are releasing their new album No More Stories… on August 25 and have already been tapped to play some of Nine Inch Nails’ other “final” shows – why not this one? Spinner has an MP3 from the new record.

MP3: Mew – “Repeaterbeater”

PitchforkTV is running video of Fleet Foxes’ performance from Pitchfork Festival last year. Obviously they do the festival thing, but with an August 4 date at Massey Hall, a V slot is unlikely.

But for everyone who had tickets for that Fleet Foxes show and were crushed that it meant missing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at the Kool Haus that same night, rejoice! A second Yeah Yeah Yeahs show has been added for August 5, same venue. Tickets $32.50, on sale today at 10AM. And yes, this pretty much guarantees that they won’t be at V – that is, if being at Reading/Leeds across the Atlantic wasn’t guarantee enough.

Off The Beaten Tracks gets an acoustic video session out of The Thermals. They’re in Europe through mid-August. Swinging by Toronto en route back to Portland seems improbable.

Decider and Austin360 have features on Spoon. Besides their own Spoon-fest in Austin this weekend and performance at the Wanderlust yoga/music festival in Lake Tahoe at the end of the month, they’re not doing much. They could be playing V.

Contact Music has an interview with Glasvegas – they’re one of many bands at Reading/Leeds the weekend of V, so are obviously not playing Toronto. What’s more curious is the routing of their mid-September tour supporting Kings Of Leon, which puts them in Long Island on the 14th, Montreal on the 16th, Ottawa on the 17th, Hamilton on the 19th, London on the 20th and Detroit on the 22nd. Obviously this leaves many opportunities to make a Toronto stop, and yet there currently is none. As I said, curious.

Daytrotter has a session with Ida Maria, who seems awfully reluctant to make her Toronto debut. She’s on tour in North America till early August and then will be back for Monolith in Denver in mid-September. Obviously a lot more dates would have to surface to keep her on the continent from late August till then, but I can see it happening.

NPR is streaming a radio session with Phoenix. They’re playing V in the UK the weekend before the Ontario edition, and are back in September for a string of dates including Monolith and ACL. Odds of them playing our V are slim to none.

The List talks to St Vincent’s Annie Clark, who is at the Horseshoe on August 8 and will consequently not be at V Fest.

And while I know it’ll never happen, I would love beyond words for Superchunk to come and play V Fest. Or play anywhere nearby. This acoustic version of “Detroit Has A Skyline Too” came from a recent radio session. Loverly.

MP3: Superchunk – “Detroit Has A Skyline” (acoustic)

The Boxer Rebellion, who made headlines by charting in the top 10 on iTunes’ charts with the wholly independent release of their second album Union, will be at the Mod Club on August 8 – tickets $11.50. Though they’d probably fit the V demographic, this show means they’re unlikely to be there.

Video: The Boxer Rebellion – “Evacuate”

Either of these bands – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and The Secret Machines – would be a decent addition to a festival bill, but they won’t be to V because they’ve got a date at Lee’s Palace on September 22 – tickets $18.50.

MP3: The Secret Machines – “Dreaming Of Dreaming”
MP3: The Secret Machines – “Atomic Heels”

You know, this little “who’s playing V” meme turned out a helluva lot more tiring than I expected. Whew.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

Ending Start

Fans of Canadian indie royalty will be shelling out twice as much to their local record stores on October 4 as in addition to being the release date for Broken Social Scene’s long-awaited Windsurfing Nation, Metric have chosen that date to release Live It Out – the follow-up to Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?. Update: The proper release date for the new record is actually September 27. MTV is wrong, and my entire preamble paragraph is null and void. Goddammit.

MTV talked to Emily Haines about the roller-coaster ride that was the making of the new record and how the band almost disintegrated in the process. Having fled their Los Angeles homebase for sunny Toronto, the band have laid out an extensive Fall tour to support the new album, including a September 29 date at the Phoenix. I note that they have nothing booked for the two days prior to that show – perhaps just in case they have a repeat of this past January when they sold out four night at the Mod Club?

I was all about Old World Underground when it came out in the Summer of 2003, but I guess I OD’ed on it a bit because it fell out of heavy rotation after a few months and now only gets occasional spins. I don’t think I’ve heard any of the new material, having not been to a single Metric show since their Horseshoe gig almost two years ago. Not really intentionally, I just… haven’t. Maybe the new record will reignite my interest in the band.

Another much anticipated sophomore effort (at least by me and Aaron is Nellie McKay’s Pretty Little Head, which will be in stores October 18. Billboard has some details on the album, which will apparently only be one-disc but feature 23 songs, as opposed to Get Away From Me, which was a double-album but with only 18 songs. Hmm.

The Age (Bugmenot) declares Sigur Ros the coolest band in the world. I won’t argue with that – they’re from ICEland, after all. Oh God that was bad. Takk is out September 13 and they’re at Massey Hall on September 19. Via Coolfer.

Music video blog Cliptip has been on a tear lately with vids from The Fiery Furnaces, Grandaddy and Bloc Party, among others. Excellent work.

Jeff Mangum sighting in New York City last night! Billboard was on the scene, Prefix has pictures.

The Telegraph examines the economics driving the repackaging of Bob Dylan for a new generation. Via Largehearted Boy.

PopMatters has a little tete a tete with Stephen Malkmus.

Newsarama talks to Brian K Vaughan about the process of turning Ex Machina into a feature film.

I’ve long fancied myself as something of a Neil Gaiman fanboy, but after scoring just 54% on this Neil Gaiman purity test, I am somewhat unsettled that there are people out there who are obviously far more obsessive than I… and I have one question for those people. The one question on the quiz – “Do you know the relation between Stardust and Howl’s Moving Castle?” I do not and am very curious what that relation is. Anyone?

Meet Rusty – the narcoleptic dachshund! Awwwww.

np – American Music Club / United Kingdom

Friday, August 8th, 2003

Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead

Went to see a new-ish local act last night, Friday Morning’s Regret. Despite the emo-ish name, these guys actually trade in some very convincing Just a three-piece (acoustic guitar/harmonica, drums, bass) but the songs and arrangements are terrific. Certainly worth paying attention to.

October 7 continues to pull ahead in the race to be the day most replete with cool new releases. Add to the list the new Ted Leo & The Pharmacists EP, Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead. Full tracklisting and a preview mp3 are available at Lookout! Records’ website.

Spiritualized’s Fall tour to promote Amazing Grace has a stop in Toronto at the Opera House on October 19 with Soledad Brothers in tow. Even when he’s rocking out, as he’s supposed to be doing on the new record, Spaceman & Co. are pretty snoozy. And $31 a ticket? Nooooo.

I missed their CD release party a few weeks ago, but Metric give me another shot when they play the Horseshoe September 27 with Tangiers.

The new issue of Magnet is a 10th anniversary special, and takes a look back at the indie rock scene from 1993-2003. Check out that Pablo Honey-era shot of Radiohead on the cover! Nice hair, Thom!

Speaking of the ‘Head and weird-looking Thom Yorke, you can see the new, all CGI video for “Go To Sleep” here. And if you’re feeling inclined to eat up all your bandwidth, there’s many many many Radiohead b-sides, live tracks and rarities for download here. Like, LOTS. All in zip files. Grab ’em while you can. Link-o from El Boy-o Largeheart-o.

np – Beulah / The Coast Is Never Clear