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Friday, October 11th, 2013

In The Meantime

Happy Thanksgiving; have a serving of Spacehog

Photo By Lee ClowerLee ClowerThere’s nothing like going into the long weekend with a healthy dose of WTF, so we’ll run with this – a concert announcement either torn from the playlists of Alternative Nation circa 2005 or the dollar bins of CD stores for pretty much every year after that. That’d be the double-bill of Leeds-born, New York-based glam-rock revivalists Spacehog and Detroit’s post-grunge champions Sponge, who will take the stage at Lee’s Palace on December 11, tickets $23 (that’s about $15 in 1995 dollars, if you were wondering).

Also, if you were wondering, they do both have new material that they’re ostensibly promoting. Though they basically split in 2001, Spacehog reunited in 2008 and released a new record in As It Is On Earth at the start of this year. Sponge, remarkably, never actually broke up and have been chugging along since their commercial peak with Wax Estatic and put out and Stop The Bleeding last month. But it’s okay if you don’t care; they probably know you don’t. But they know you wanna hear those old singles so you’re just going to have to deal.

The Nottingham Post has a quick interview with one of Spacehog’s Langdon brothers. It’s not really clear which one.

Stream: Spacehog – “Try To Remember”
Stream: Spacehog – “Glad To Know”
Video: Spacehog – “In The Meantime”
Video: Sponge – “Wax Ecstatic (To Sell Angelina)”

While it’s disappointing that Keep Shelly In Athens had to cancel their Toronto date at Wrongbar next week due to visa issues, their co-headliner Chad Valley will still be coming to town and be playing for free at The Horseshoe on October 15, set time 11:40PM.

MP3: Chad Valley – “I Want Your Love”

English producer Darren Williams has already toured through a couple times in the past two years as Star Slinger, will release his debut album next year – he’s offered a taste to stream below – but not before he puts together another tour that will bring him to the Drake Underground on November 16, tickets $15.

Stream: Star Slinger – “Free”

English singer-songwriter Jake Bugg may have to wait until the end of the month to learn if he’s going to win the Mercury Prize, but he’s already thinking big, following up this past August’s local debut at The Mod Club with a new date at The Sound Academy on January 14, tickets $29.50. Though the fact that his second album Shangri La will be out on November 19 might also have something to do with the tour.

Video: Jake Bugg – “What Doesn’t Kill You”

With a new album in Mug Museum due out on November 12, Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon has announced a North American tour that brings her to The Drake Underground on January 21 of the new year, tickets $12.50 in advance.

Stream: Cate Le Bon with Perfume Genius – “I Think I Knew”
Stream: Cate Le Bon – “Are You With Me Now”

The Line Of Best Fit, The Fly, and DIY have interviews with Anna Calvi about her new record One Breath, which came out this week.

If you missed the album stream that went with the UK release of Summer Camp’s second album back in September, Interview is hosting another preview of Summer Camp ahead of its US release next week on October 15.

Stream: Summer Camp / Summer Camp

The Neil Halstead-fronted Black Hearted Brother have released a new video from their debut Stars Are Our Home, due out October 22.

Video: Black Hearted Brother – “This Is How It Feels”

Los Campesinos! have made available a stream of a new song from No Blues, their forthcoming album due out October 29.

Stream: Los Campesinos! – “Avocado, Baby”

Posting of remixes is usually verboten around here but when it involves David Bowie, exceptions can be made. LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy’s remix of “Love Is Lost” is one of the main selling points of The Next Day Extra, being released November 4, and it was premiered yesterday via Pitchfork but if you have the inclination, the rip of the BBC premiere is worth hearing for the short interview with Murphy that precedes it. And the version of “Sound & Vision” that soundtracked a cellphone commercial earlier this year is also available to hear (and buy, if you like) – Exclaim explains that one.

Stream: David Bowie – “Love Is Lost” (Hello Steve Reich mix)
Stream: David Bowie – “Sound & Vision” (Sonjay prabhakar mix)

There didn’t end up being a local Stone Roses date this year as I’d prophesied – sorry to anyone who believed me – but the Made Of Stone documentary film about their legacy and reunion definitely is. It’ll screen at The Bloor Cinema on November 22, so circle that one if you’re interested.

Trailer: The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone

Bowlegs has a video session with Lanterns On The Lake, whose wonderful new record Until The Colours Run doesn’t get a North American release until January 14.

The 405 have got a stream of the new Peggy Sue album Choir of Echoes, due out on January 27 of the new year.

Stream: Peggy Sue – “Idle”

The Fly checks in with The Horrors, at work in the studio on their next album.

Filter talks to Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream.

Manic Street Preachers have released a poignant new video from their latest, Rewind The Film.

Video: Manic Street Preachers – “Anthem For A Lost Cause”

Camera Obscura have released a new old-school sci-fi video from Desire Lines.

Video: Camera Obscura – “Troublemaker”

Noisey chats up London Grammar about their current North American tour

Under The Radar has an interview with Savages.

A Music Blog, Yea grabbed an interview with Daughter when they were in town a couple weeks back.

In excerpting the book Isle Of Noises: Conversations With Great British Songwriters, Clash gets some insights into the processes of Laura Marling and Johnny Marr.

Noisey sends Emmy The Great to find out how much it would cost to be A$AP Rocky’s girlfriend a la the prerequisites in “Fashion Killa”; hilarity ensues.

Anyone who had “founding a company dedicated to building and restoring early 1990s Porches” in the, “What has former Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson been doing since releasing his first and only solo record Fresh Wine For The Horses way back in 2005″ pool, congratulations – you win. Hypebeast has a video interview with Dickinson, who sadly doesn’t sound like a man who misses strapping on a Stratocaster and singing “Black Metallic”.

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

He Lays In The Reins

I may have closed the book on the 2005 record release calendar yesterday, but the ’05 concert season’s not dead yet.

Firstly, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that the Toronto Calexico/Iron & Wine date has been confirmed for December 9. The bad news is… The Docks. Goddamn, people. I may have to suck it up for this one and go regardless. I can’t think of a less complimentary venue for Sam Beam’s music (besides, say, a monster truck rally – which they could probably also hold at The Docks) but I have faith/blind hope that those two acts could transcend the crappiness of the hall. No tickets info yet, but the Montreal show is costing $26.50, so there’s your ballpark. I’m not worried about it selling out, at least. Sam would have to appear on The O.C as Mischa Barton’s crazed hippie drug dealer boyfriend before they could sell 3000 tickets.

At least going to the show will provide to opportunity to pick up Calexico’s new tour-only CD, The Book & The Canal. It will feature 17 demos, unreleased and live tracks to satiate the masses until their new studio album is out in the Spring. Also, I still haven’t heard Lays In The Reins. I went to Rotate This yesterday fully intending to pick it up on vinyl, but calamity – they were sold out. Maybe I’ll (gasp) download the tracks until I can get the record at the show or find it somewhere else for a decent price. I hear it’s solid, maybe not as sublime as some might have hoped with the talent involved, but pretty damn good regardless.

Other show news – California’s Innaway have been added as support to the Echo & The Bunnymen show at the Carlu November 23. I reviewed their debut album a few months ago, and quite positively so. If I wasn’t already booked for that night, I’d probably be leaning (more) towards going.

Rogue Wave descends like vultures on the Horseshoe November 27. Their new album, Descended Like Vultures (see my clever wordplay?) is out October 25. People are saying nice things about it. I mentioned before that their debut Out Of The Shadow didn’t really do it for me but I should still give the new one a listen, I suppose.

Montreal’s Kiss Me Deadly are at Sneaky Dee’s December 8. I got a copy of their album in the mail last week. Haven’t listened to it yet but I have a good feeling about it. Based on absolutely nothing. The Subways are at the Mod Club December 9. I’m under the impression these guys are big back home in the UK? Flavour of a recent month? And finally, Anglo-Texan outfit The Earlies are at the El Mocambo on December 12.

And if you’re looking for shows in the more immediate future, check out Torontoist.

Say hello to the redesigned Prefix, now with a new hat. And thanks to Prefix for pointing to this SPIN Q&A with Metric.

As if I needed another reason to hate hate HATE local radio station CFNY (I refuse to call them “The Edge”), check this out – a photo gallery of Rob Dickinson’s visit to their station last week. Only they’ve somehow misspelled his name “Simon Collins”. I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from a radio station that trumpets themselves as “New Rock” on their billboards and then list off bands like U2, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lenny Kravitz as evidence of their bleeding edge playlist. Someone needs a molotov cocktail through their window. Update: The fixed the caption. But that doesn’t mean they don’t still suck.

Matador has posted an unreleased Laura Cantrell song for your downloading pleasure.

The Believer puts Salman Rushdie and Terry Gilliam in a room together. Ultimate fighting ensues. Via Largehearted Boy.

So if you’re wondering why today’s post is about an hour and a half later than usual, the answer’s simple – I SLEPT IN. It’s what unemployed people do. Yes, yesterday was my last day at work and now I’m living it up, slacker-style. It’s sweet, I tells ya. Of course, I’m only getting to enjoy it for one day as I’ve got a short-term contract lined up starting tomorrow… But until then? Woot. Sloth city.

np – Explosions In The Sky / The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

Black Metallic

Going into last night’s Rob Dickinson show at the Horseshoe, there were a few questions that remained unanswered. Who was opening? When they promised Rob solo, did they mean solo from Catherine Wheel or solo from anyone else, acoustic troubadour style? And who, more than one person asked when I told them what I was doing last night, was Rob Dickinson?

I won’t bother addressing the last question, because it makes me feel old. And to the first question, I have no idea. I arrived just as Rob’s set was starting and the sandwich board out front only read “& guests”. Not even “special guests”. No one I talked to knew who I missed. Finally, as for the configuration, the answer was both and neither. Rob was indeed playing acoustically, but he brought along a second guitarist and keyboardist and was definitely not above running his Taylor acoustic through a bank of pedals. This unconventional configuration necessitated a rearrangement of most of the songs from Rob’s new album Fresh Wine For The Horses, but it worked really well. There wasn’t a lot of hard, fast material in the set so the bed of acoustic guitars and thick keyboards did a fine job of laying the musical bed for Rob’s amazing vocals to soar over.

I had forgotten how powerful his voice is – though it broke and rasped at a few points, Dickinson managed to remind everyone that he probably has one of the best voices anywhere in rock music. Warm and chatty with the adoring crowd (the ‘Shoe was near packed – Toronto has always been freakishly adoring of the Catherine Wheel), he was able to switch it into raw intensity as soon as the music started. Goosebump-inducing. The bulk of the set was drawn from Fresh Wine, which is actually a better record than I had expected, but he naturally closed things out with Catherine Wheel material – the main set with a gorgeous “Heal” and the encore with “Future Boy” and “Black Metallic”. Even with the stripped down band configuration, they managed to create a convincing wall of sound that retained all the majesty of the fully amplified album versions. I don’t know if Rob is going to get the tour support from Sanctuary to continue touring his record, but even if he doesn’t, I’m sure it’s comforting to know that he’ll always be able to pack a house with the faithful in Toronto.

Since I arrived late, there was no fighting my way through the wall of big dudes to get up front. I did manage to squeeze close enough in to get some decent pics. They really had Rob lit up really well on stage – and he was sweating buckets as a result. That’s the price of rock, Rob.

Zoilus’ secret identity of Carl Wilson has a piece in today’s Globe & Mail about the re-emergence of the storyteller in indie rock, using upcoming shows by The Decemberists (October 13th @ The Phoenix), The Fiery Furnaces (October 10 @ Lee’s Palace) and Destroyer (October 9 @ The Phoenix) to make his point.

Starting this week and running every week through December, American Analog Set will be making available demos for every song from their new album Set Free on their website. Go to the “recordings” section of their site to grab the first one, for “Immaculate Heart”. And thank them by going to see them at the Horseshoe on November 13. Thanks to Andy from the Galaxie 500 mailing list (and a defunct AmAnSet fanpage) for the info.

Stylus has finished compiling their week-long countdown of the 50 best movies of the ’90s ’00s. If you don’t feel like scrolling down, The Royal Tennenbaums takes top spot, to no one’s surprise considering Stylus’ demographic. I’m not challenging the selection, just saying that when I saw it, I though, “figures”. Myself, I’ve seen 30 of these 50, more than I’d expected. I guess that explains why I can never find anything to rent at the video store. I’ve already seen most of the good stuff.

np – Bob Dylan / The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964 – Concert at Philharmonic Hall

Monday, September 26th, 2005

I'm Kicking Television

I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things by recapping some of the news that’s come about in the past couple weeks. Some will be old news, I’m sure, but what can you do.

Wilco will put out their double-live album Kicking Television – Live In Chicago on November 1 after all, though it’s just the aural document. No word on what happened to the DVD, whether it’s been scrapped or will be released on its own at a later date. As it is, an official live record featuring Nels Cline in the lineup will be nice, though considering that every Wilco show in the last few years has been recorded and made available online, it’s not THAT exciting an event. But still. New Wilco. Yay. See the full-size album art here and the tracklist here. Jeff Tweedy is doing a smallish solo acoustic tour in November around the midwest/east coast, but nothing north of the border.

Circle March 7, 2006 on your release calendar as that’s the day that Neko Case’s new studio album, her first since 2002’s Blacklisted, hits stores. Fox Confessor Brings The Flood features many of the same guest artists as that record, including Calexico’s Joey Burns and John Convertino, Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb and The Sadies. New collaborators include The Band’s Garth Hudson and Visqueen’s Rachel Flotard. Prefix has the official press release.

Irish songstress Gemma Hayes has given her sophomore album a name – The Roads Don’t Love You – and a release date in the UK – October 31. Her first album, Night On My Side, came out in North America in a considerably different form than it did in Europe, with a significantly altered tracklist and running order. I wonder if we’ll get a domestic release of the second album and if so, whether it’ll get rejigged for the market.

Beulah fans will have to content themselves with the A Good Band Is Easy To Kill DVD as there will be no Miles Krukowsky solo album in 2005 after all. In a website update, guitarist Bill Swan reports that Miles had serious surgery on his arm recently and will only be going into the studio in January after he’s (hopefully) sufficiently recovered.

We also shouldn’t expect anything new from Tanya Donelly anytime soon – she’s pregnant with her second child. Congratulations are in order, as well as thanks that she had the foresight to record a live album of new material last year which will hopefully see release sometime soon.

The Guardian salutes Bob Dylan. Part one of No Direction Home airs on PBS tonight – I think I will just seek out the DVD.

Bob Mould chats with The AV Club (have they dropped the “Onion” brand completely?) before setting out on his North American tour in support of Body Of Song (now underway), which includes a show this Sunday at the Mod Club in Toronto.

Chart talks to Rob Dickinson about flying solo with Fresh Wine For The Horses. I got my copy on Friday and already I find weird discoloured scuff marks on the playing surface. What the fuck? I’ve spun this thing, like, four times. Rob and I will have words about the manufacturer’s quality control when he plays the Horseshoe October 7, believe you me.

Something I totally forgot while I was away was that the new television season was getting started. Not much network TV on the Baltic Sea, y’know. So when I got back I had to download myself the first two episodes of the new season of Justice League Unlimited and the Arrested Development season premiere. I was able to catch last night’s new West Wing in real time but will have to rely on bit torrent for the season premiere of Veronica Mars on Wednesday – I don’t think I get UPN here. So those are the returning shows on my viewing schedule (24 doesn’t return till January). Anything new worth my attention? I’ll need something to while away the hours while I munch on bonbons and wait for my EI cheque to arrive.

np – Rob Dickinson / Fresh Wine For The Horses

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

It Was 30 3 Years Ago Today…

Wow, with all the madness that has been going on lately, I’d totally forgotten that today marks the three-year birthday of this here blog. My goodness. It started as a lark and has now, by default, become my day job. An incredibly poorly paying day job, but fulfilling in many other important respects. But anyway, now we are three. Soon I hope to be sleeping through the night and then we’ll work on the bed-wetting.

Rob Dickinson talks to Billboard about life as a solo artist. Well, not that solo – apparently the rest of Catherine Wheel played on a few of the more rocking tracks on the album. Early word from some hardcore CW fans is that the album is pretty solid – good news. Pity about those promo photos, though. Fresh Wine For The Horses is out September 13 and he plays the Horseshoe in Toronto October 7. Other east coast tour dates have been popping up in all sorts of strange bills and configurations. Joss Stone? Matt Pond PA? Weird.

Angryrobot does some sleuthwork and finds that Miki Berenyi, formerly of Lush, contributes vocals to a remix of a Flat 7 track by former Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie (who incidentally produced Lush’s early work). This is noteworthy because while Emma Anderson has continued on in music with Sing Sing, Berenyi basically quit music after the band dissolved in the wake of drummer Chris Acland’s suicide way back in 1997. With a dearth of information about this track beyond what AngryRobot has sussed out, it would be presumptuous to assume that this is anything but a one-off by Miki, but it’s still welcome news.

And tangentially – something called Cocteaufest is happening in Toronto at the Dance Cave on September 8 and promises live cover bands, dancing and raffles. Raffles! Seeing as how this Summer’s Coachella reunion failed to happen, I guess this still gives Cocteau fans something to look forward to.

While Carl Newman insists to Exclaim that The New Pornographers have stayed the course in making their third album Twin Cinema, I find myself liking it even more than the first two albums. There aren’t the huge giddy highs like “Letter From An Occupant” or “The Laws Have Changed”, but I think it’s much more consistent front to back and there’s more musical depth to it. And for my money, “The Bleeding Heart Show” could be the best song they’ve ever recorded.

Guided By Voices the band may be gone, but Guided By Voices the cash-making nostalgia trip remains. A four-hour DVD of their final gig from New Year’s Eve, 2004 in Chicago entitled Guided By Voices: The Electrifying Conclusion will be out November 15 from Plexifilm, who have a cute little trailer up on their website. And if that’s not enough for you, the week before on November 8, they will release a box set, Suitcase II: American Superdream Wow which serves up another four discs of rarities and things that the world probably would have been no poorer for having never heard.

Bit of a disturbing email from In Support Of Living in regards to the Ear To The Ground festival later this month at which they’ll be playing. Apparently there is some politicking going on between the Exhibition Place people and the organizers about jacked up rental fees, and the festival is in jeopardy. We are reminded of the last-minute cancellation of the Toronto Bluesfest at the Exhibition grounds last year for the same reason, so this isn’t an idle threat. Basically, they’re asking anyone who is planning on going to buy an advance ticket ASAP. There’s really no reason to wait. Go to it.

np – Uncle Tupelo / Anodyne